Sunday, August 24, 2008

I have spent over 8 hours following various guides and none of them worked as advertised. The key to this process comes in downgrading the baseband. So here is what I did to downgrade from 2.0 to 1.1.4 (Unloacked/Jailbroken) on a Mac, but the same tools are available for Windows, so no worries for you Win Users. I also want to note I take credit for none of this. This is simply my research that I used to get my phone fixed. *Before we begin! REMOVE YOUR SIM CARD! Otherwise, you will get some weird errors!*

Step 1: Get the tools

I’m hosting a variety of tools because I had a bugger of a time finding them. The Name of the tool links to the ORIGINAL location on the web, which may no longer exist. My private copies are linked for personal reference in the (Win | Mac ) links. I can not be responsible for your use of my private website. iPhone 1.1.4 Firmware ( All ) iTunes 7.5 ( Windows | Mac ) iLiberty ( Windows | Mac ) KiPhone - This is KEY! Thank you SO much kIREmk for releasing this! That is all you will need.

Step 2: Process

Putting the phone in DFU mode. I will reference this multiple times. So I’m just posting it here. 1) Power off the iPhone by holding the power button for 3 seconds, then moving the slider to the right to shut it down. 2) Connect the iPhone to the Computer. 3) Hold the Power/Sleep button and the Home button together for *exactly* 10 seconds. 4) Release the POWER button, KEEP holding the Home Button. 5) Keep holding the Home button for 10 Seconds. 6) iTunes should alert you the phone is in Recovery mode, but the iPhone screen *Will Be Blank*. If the screen shows anything, try again, you goofed.

Step 2: Restore 2.0

First, restore to firmware 2.0 using the newest version of iTunes ( 7.7 ). This seems counterintuitive, but just do it. 1) Put the phone in DFU mode. 2) Click "Restore" when prompted by iTunes 3) Wait for it to finish ( ~3 minutes )

Step 3: Downgrade iTunes

On Windows this is simple. Uninstall iTunes, reboot, install iTunes 7.5 downloaded from above. On Mac this can be more complicated. From iClarified, run the following commands:

  1. defaults write StoreActivationMode -boolean NO

  2. defaults write StoreGeniusMode -boolean NO

  3. killall iTunesHelper

  4. rm -r /Applications/

  5. rm -r /Library/Receipts/iTunesX.pkg

  6. rm ~/Library/Preferences/*

From hackthatphone I found this as well, user Violet found it got rid of her 2001 error.

This next folder must be deleted manually (even if you used AppZapper). You will need to enter your system password to delete it since it is a framework. /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileDevice.framework

***(WINDOWS USERS) Reader Luke mentioned that he needed to uninstall Apple Mobile Device before installing iTunes 7.5 in order to have it work. Please post in the comments if this does or does not work for you! *** Now install iTunes 7.5.

Step 4: Restore to the 1.1.4 Firmware (DFU)

Put the phone in DFU mode as described above. Remember the screen will be blank. Now, If Windows, SHIFT click on "Restore", for Mac it is OPTION click. Find the 1.1.4 firmware we downloaded earlier and open it. The iPhone will restore. In the end, you will get a Error 10xx where xx is some number. (Generally 12 or 15). This is NORMAL, this occurs because the Baseband is now higher than the firmware. More on that in a moment. If you get Error 16xx, something is wrong. Most likely you did not downgrade. Try starting over and trying again. I got 16xx the first time, and I tried again and it worked. Your mileage may vary.

Step 5: Restore to the 1.1.4 Firmware (Recovery)

I know, you just did. Do it AGAIN! But this time, we are not using DFU mode. The screen should show a USB cable and the iTunes logo. This is good. Follow the above procedure again starting with Shift/Option Clicking "Restore"

Step 6: Kick the Phone out of Recovery Mode

Now use iLiberty to kick the phone out of recovery mode. To do this, I recommend you click on the "Free my iPhone" button. It may mention the phone is in recovery mode, just do it any way. When you are done you should have a locked iPhone. With the "Emergency Call" screen.

Step 7: Downgrade the Baseband

Run the KiPhone Utility from kIREmk. Instructions are here, but it is so simple, I’ll assume you can handle it on the following information. DO NOT TOUCH iErase! For Windows, simply click Downgrade Baseband and Debug (It won’t work unless Debug is turned on), then click the Start button. It will run for about 3 minutes. I have seen reports where the app did not report it was finished, but you can watch your iPhone screen and watch it happen. When it reboots to the Main Menu, you are good to go!

Step 8: Restore to 1.1.4 ( DFU )

Restore to 1.1.4 one last time in DFU mode. See above for the procedure.


You now have a 1.1.4 iPhone with baseband 04.02.13_G. Feel free to now use iLiberty to Unlock that iPhone! If this helped you in any way, please help me by visiting my sponsors by clicking their ads on my site


Felix said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have searched and tried many different options this list of instructions fixed the issue 1st go.

:) again after a week of :(

Sean said...

Followed your instructions exactly. Still no signal with T-Mobile. It put me on 04.04.05_G baseband though.

dshosu said...

I had a 2.0 iPhone 2G and after following your directions now have a 1.1.4 working like new.

One thing that I think you should reword/rewrite/whatever is the explanation of putting it into DFU mode. I had to look on another site to figure that one out. The part you missed was the part about CONTINUING TO HOLD the Start/Home button when plugging it into the USB cable, that hung me up for a while.

Once again though thanks so much for a through job, sponsors visited ;)